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Welcome to Nedal Aluminium

Nedal Aluminium develops, produces and sells aluminium profiles and lighting columns. With 80 years experience, you can count on us to supply products with tremendous added value for challenging and demanding applications. Our product portfolio is characterised by a wide variety of products. We think in terms of finding solutions to your questions. And are even more motivated when your questions regard the delivery of long length profiles with a high weight per metre and precise tolerances, at the same time meeting the high requirements with respect to e.g. strength or electrical conductivity. We also have an extensive range of lighting columns, suitable for every location and every soil type. Our 230 dedicated employees will provide the tailored solutions to meet your demands.


Aluminium extrusion is a moulding process in which a solid piece of aluminium (billet) is transformed into an elongated profile at high temperatures. The aluminium billet is forced through a die with great force. The shape of the opening in the die determines the shape of the profile. Nedal has three extrusion presses in its own factory, facilitating the production of an extensive product range. Our skilled employees have considerable knowledge and experience in producing a wide variety of sizes, alloys and weights. A 30-metre long aluminium profile or one weighing 100 kilos per metre, anything is possible. Nedal does not only have the machinery but also the in-house expertise to produce what others can’t. Read more below about the applications and endless possibilities of aluminium extrusion profiles.

lighting columns

Nedal’s aluminium lighting columns are the result of 80 years of research and product development. This is an ongoing process and ensures that we continue to innovate. Aluminium is a raw material with many unique properties and can be used in numerous applications. Consequently, we can develop the perfect lighting column for every environment and soil type. Read below for more on the various applications and possibilities of our lighting columns.

Customer process

Of course, we also have ‘off the shelf’ products, but we truly excel in tailored solutions. That is our strength.

At Nedal, we prefer to think in solutions that meet your aluminium needs. In 6 steps, we always provide perfect solutions. Allowing you to deliver excellent products.

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At Nedal, quality simply goes beyond the specifications and quality of the product. Quality and quality assurance are an integral part of our business. This also pertains to the development and optimisation of the production process, new products and alloys as well as safety. We are critical and are motivated to continuously improve ourselves. We pay great attention to educating our employees. The results are visible in the many certifications we hold, our focus and results around safety and our Keen on Green approach for lighting columns. Read on for more information on Quality at Nedal Aluminium.