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Keen on Green

Nedal values sustainability. As a manufacturer of aluminium products, we realise that we need to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. And we’ll do that gladly. The Keen on Green approach has been developed specifically for the production of our Allluround lighting columns.

Carbon neutral lighting columns

Nedal has an agreement with the Climate Neutral Group, to offset the remaining CO2 emissions. Nedal is climate-neutral certified from raw material to transport to customer. See https://www.climateneutralcertification.com.

Together with you, we can determine the CO2 emissions that you would like to offset. Depending on your total amount of lighting columns, we can inform you what contribution is required to label your columns carbon neutral.

Nedal Lighting columns

Proof of compensation

Every year you will receive a ‘Carbon offset certificate’ stating how much of the CO2 emissions from your lighting columns were compensated.