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Aluminium lighting columns

The versatility of aluminium offers many possibilities for safe and cost-reducing lighting columns at every location and for every situation. Nedal’s aluminium light columns are extremely safe during collisions, as the column absorbs energy, buckles or breaks upon impact. The aluminium light columns require little maintenance and long lifespan. By nature aluminium can withstand all weather conditions and is corrosion resistant. Obviously we will place a protective coating or ground level protector at the base, so that you will not be faced with any below the ground surprises. Aluminium lighting columns are in keeping with your sustainability policies, as the lighting columns are fully recyclable and boast cradle-to-cradle certification.


When developing residential areas, a light plan is created that contributes to both public and traffic safety as well as reduced CO2 emissions. Nedal has developed aluminium lighting columns that seamlessly align with these goals. Not only do the lighting columns fit within a classic or modern streetscape, they also offer many other advantages such as cost savings in maintenance and installation. Aluminium has many unique properties and is inherently weather resistant and durable. In our own factories we are able to coat the lighting columns with an extra protective layer against urine, mechanical brushes and parking collisions. The lighting columns are equipped with a standard expanded inner tube that prevents the service hatch from being kicked in as well as reinforcing the lighting column at its most critical point.


  • Light point height from 3 to 8 metres
  • Available in conical, stepped or cylindrical designs
  • Appearance in line with the streetscape
  • Quick installation without cranes
  • Extra protection against urine, mechanical brushes and parking collisions
  • Kicking-in of service hatch is impossible

Car parks

The aluminium lighting columns are made for installation in car parks and are manufactured with traffic safety in mind. The light point height is between 4 and 12 metres and the lighting column usually has a conical or stepped design. Nedal carries an application that limits collision damage and guarantees impact safety. All lighting columns comply with the EN 12767 standard for impact safety. A traffic sign or commercial signage can also be fitted to the lighting column.


  • Light point height from 4 to 12 metres
  • Available in conical or stepped designs
  • Limited collision damage

Traffic signs

Aluminium lighting columns are not only used when placing light fixtures, but can also serve to mount traffic lights and signs. The cost-saving and low maintenance advantages of aluminium also apply here. Due to the low weight of aluminium lighting columns, installation is much easier and can often be accomplished without a crane. Traffic columns are featured in a conical or stepped design.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation without cranes
  • All lighting columns and traffic signs are made of one material
  • Less maintenance and weather resistant

2EV Lighting Column

Due to the fact that traditional lighting columns are increasingly used as the basis for new applications, Nedal has developed the 2EV Lighting Column.

The unique feature of the 2EV Lighting Column is that it is insulated from the ground base to above the service door, and
that it is fi tted with a special insulator at the top. This design means that the exterior of the lighting column can never be under voltage. Even in the event of a collision and damage to the cable in the cable hole. The exterior of the lighting column will remain safe to touch under all circumstances. Regardless of the technical condition of the electric wiring in the lighting column and that of the other 2EV Lighting Columns connected to the same power cable.

Collision-safe lighting columns

Collision-safe lighting columns improve road safety for all traffic participants and road workers. Nedal lighting columns are all thoroughly tested and classified in accordance with the EN 12767 standard. Aluminium lighting columns absorb great amounts of energy thereby reducing impact during a collision. The material of the lighting column buckles, folds or breaks upon impact, significantly reducing the chances of bodily harm.


  • Absorbs energy and reduces impact
  • Lighting column buckles, folds or breaks
  • Light point height from 4 to 15 metres

Special lighting columns

Upon request, aluminium lighting columns can be completely customised in the colours and patterns of your choice. The strong and lightweight material makes it possible to create a wide range of designs. Nedal has the expertise and professional supplier network to perform any additional treatments. We always offer you a total solution and custom work. Our methods and approach allow our in-house designers to further develop your concepts and ideas into exceptional technical designs.  At Nedal you can be assured of a unique and special product.

Hinge columns

There are some areas where access to the light fixture can be restricted making maintenance difficult. As a solution, Nedal has developed the patented Echalon® hinged lighting columns.

A spring assisted cartridge is structurally bonded into the conical lighting column, allowing the column to hinge just above the service hatch. The hinge system can be operated effortlessly by a single person with a single key, providing safe, easy access to the top of the lighting column.

The hinge unit can be fitted with our wide range of springs of varying resistance. The selected spring depends on the accessory to be fitted atop of the column e.g. luminaire, weather stations, IOT Smart City fittings.



  • Available for lighting columns between 4 to 9 metres
  • Can be easily operated by one person without any need for external lifting equipment.
  • Can be manufactured to operate/lower in any direction, handy for avoiding objects in the vicinity.
  • Easy to relocate or install due to the lightweight characteristics of aluminium


RetroLine Lighting columns

Historic squares, stately town houses or modern new buildings reminiscent of the 1930s. Each requires lighting columns that enhance the look and feel of the architecture. Previously, lighting columns were made of cast iron or steel. Nedal offers four aluminium columns in nostalgic retro designs that suit each of these streetscapes. The RetroLine lighting columns are made of aluminium, fully recyclable without quality loss and low maintenance. A nostalgic design combined with modern day technology. With all the advantages aluminium provides.


  • Four different models
  • Less maintenance and weather resistant
  • Easy installation without a crane
  • Lightweight and durable



Nedal manufactures aluminium flagpoles up to 22 metres in height. Aluminium makes it easy to transport long flagpoles in sections. Flagpoles often have a conical shape and are delivered with anti-theft measures in place. Nedal delivers semi-fabricated flagpoles, without a flag or accessories. The aluminium flagpoles have a professional look.


  • Flagpoles up to 22 metres high
  • Manufactured from lightweight and strong aluminium
  • Flagpoles can be transported in sections
  • Durable and low maintenance

Provincial roads and highways

Good visibility on the road is essential to ensure the safety of all road users. Nedal’s aluminium lighting columns offer an excellent combination of functionality, durability and safety. With a characteristic light point height between 6 and 15 metres yet minimal weight, lighting columns can easily be installed. Aluminium inherently forms a natural protective layer against corrosion. This results in less maintenance to the lighting column and a longer lifespan, ultimately saving costs. The Nedal lighting columns are compliant with the EN 12767 standard, thus all collision-safety requirements. This sometimes makes the placing of a guardrail on the roadside redundant.


  • Light point height between 6 and 15 metres
  • Less maintenance and weather resistant
  • Easy installation without a crane
  • Collision-safety means the guardrail can become redundant
  • Conical or stepped designs with single or double bracket
Nedal Lighting columns


Light fixtures mounted at the top of a column can alter its diameter. This makes it possible to mount any type of light fixture on any lighting column. Even at an angle. The standard spigot (placed at the top of the column) can be mounted without adhesives or welding, giving it the appearance of being part of the solid lighting column. 


  • Universal spigot
  • Single spigot
  • Double spigot
Nedal Lighting columns

Door key

For turning the triangular bolt, thereby opening and closing the service hatch.

Nedal Lighting columns

Ground plate

The ground plate stabilises the mast under the ground. It prevents the (lighting) column from sinking when the ground settles. The plastic ground plate is fastened to the (lighting) column by means of aluminium strips. This ensures the ground plate will always be held in place.

Nedal Lighting columns

Ground wing set

The ground wing set consists of a clamp with a pre-mounted plate. It is attached to the underside of the column inside the cable entry opening so as to prevent the column from twisting.

Nedal Lighting columns

Mowing protector

The ground level protector is made of one piece and has a tapered top, which efficiently drains away moisture. It is a fixed system installed at high pressure around the lighting column at ground level. The choice of materials and the manner with which the ground level protector is installed makes it airtight, moisture free, theft resistant and vandalism proof. Optimum protection in all circumstances, e.g. mowing, mechanical brushing, paving, movement, moisture and road salt.

Nedal Lighting columns

Base plate

A special base plate will be attached to aluminium lighting columns when installing them on bridges, concrete foundations and hard soil types. The base plate is mounted onto the column during production resulting in a quick installation of the lighting column on location.