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Aluminium and sustainability

We encounter aluminium in our daily lives almost everywhere. It is used to package our food, can be found in sections of buildings and in our daily utilitarian objects such as furniture, bicycles and the smartphone. The production and processing of aluminium has, as with any industry, an impact on our environment. At Nedal we are aware that we need to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. And we’ll do that gladly.

Nedal certificate - ISO 14001

Nedal aluminium is ISO 14001 certified. This is a certificate for environmental management and sustainability. It is awarded to companies that actively and consciously contribute to a better environment. ISO applies strict criteria to sustainable production processes, checks whether companies comply with environmental legislation and monitors a company’s continuous improvement to their sustainability plan.

Aluminium is fully recyclable without loss of quality. All residual material from the manufacturing process is collected and brought to a smelter. There the residuals are remelted to new aluminium pieces, which we can once again use in our manufacturing process. In this manner, no resources are lost.

Nedal aluminium - billets
Nedal aluminium - keen on green

With the Keen on Green approach the manufacturing of the lighting columns has been redesigned to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. For example, we work with green gas and electricity, and the lighting columns are fully recycled (cradle-to-cradle).

Nedal cooperates with the Climate Neutral Group to compensate remaining CO2 emissions. We achieve this by investing in carefully selected climate projects. In doing so Nedal fully compensates its carbon footprint for the production of the lighting columns, wich making us completely climate neutral for the lighting columns.