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At Nedal we think in possibilities. In solutions to your aluminium needs, both for lighting columns and extrusion. Naturally we have ‘off the shelf’ solutions, but what we really excel at is tailored solutions. That is our strength. We would like to outline our approach in 8 steps. It’s not always necessary to go through all the steps. You may already have a detailed product specification, meaning we can skip the design phase. We always maintain close contact throughout the entire process, never lose sight of the target and make clear agreements around planning and budgets.

Nedal customer journey step 1

1 - getting acquainted

At Nedal we love the personal approach. This is why we believe in a general ‘getting acquainted’ session after our initial contact. During this session we will focus on your aluminium needs. What you require and where we can help. Nedal has years of experience in producing and executing products with a high added value. We achieve this through intense collaboration with our customers.

2 - Explore & identify

The next step is to clarify the brief. Which applications will the product be used for and which requirements and conditions must to be met? This becomes our design objective. Based on this a statement of requirements will be created for the designs. This could include form, tolerances and strength, but also legislation and environmental requirements. Nedal is compliant with all laws and regulations for the railway, automotive and public lighting sectors. In addition we are alert to any new developments, meaning your approach will always be based on the most current insights and techniques.

Nedal aluminium - customer proces
Nedal customer journey step 3

3 - Assess & coordinate

Then a technical draughtsman will get started on the first concept proposal. All requirements will be incorporated at this stage. Depending on the project, the technical draughtsman may make one or more concept proposals. In addition, all necessary calculations specific to the applications and product requirements are carried out. The proposals are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team to determine the manufacturability of the designs. The team includes experts from every department involved. Depending on the team’s feedback, the proposal is adapted and the options are discussed with specialist vendors. For example for a particular mould or necessary mechanical treatment after production. We always involve our vendors at the early stages of product development to ensure optimum alignment between design and production. At the end of this step you will receive a quote from us. Upon approval we will move on to the development phase of the proposal.

4 - Design

Once a proposal has been selected and approval has been given on the quote, the selected proposal is developed further. All product specifications are documented in the technical production drawings. Finally, if necessary, a project team will be assembled at this stage to create a solid action plan for the execution phase. Obviously with clear agreements and a timeline that suits your needs.

Nedal customer journey step 4
Nedal customer journey step 5

5 - Test & optimise

Once the design, including all technical specifications and calculations, is complete and approved by you, we will start on the design of the mould. At Nedal we have moulds in stock. For custom projects, and that is our specialty, we have one of our specialist vendors develop a mould. Once the mould has been delivered to Nedal, we will start a trial run (trial pressing). The result of this trial run is extensively tested against the quality requirements and your wishes. Of course you will also get to see the prototype if you so desire. Based on your feedback and our findings we will optimise the prototype. We continue to do so until the product is perfect.

6 - Production

The design has been successfully transformed into a prototype that meets all quality criteria. Next, we start the manufacturing of a series. We will only proceed upon approval of the prototype. The products are manufactured in series and if needed, completed with mechanical processing and surface treatments. Although we are capable of carrying out many processes in our own factory, for some post-processing steps we will collaborate with one of our specialist suppliers. All production series are continuously inspected for quality and the requirements provided in the design phase. In this manner we are able to guarantee the quality of our final product. At Nedal we highly value safety. All necessary safety measures have been implemented in our factory and our employees stringently adhere to them. Nedal holds the Lloyds safety certificate: OHSAS18001.

Nedal customer journey step 7

7 - Packaging & labelling

As we deliver a large range of products we have adapted our packaging accordingly. We feel more than comfortable ensuring damage-free transportation of an aluminium flag post or 20-metre long profile to another continent. At Nedal packaging material and the methods for packaging are always in line with your requirements and wishes. We have specially developed wooden chests for all high-end products to prevent damage during transportation. Naturally, all our packaging material is also compliant to laws and regulations.

8 - Storage, transportation & delivery

At Nedal we also customise transportation and delivery. We can prepare products for transportation or deliver the products to the required destination. Anywhere in the world. In our factory we have a separate climate controlled space where we can temporarily store your products. We will cater transportation to the product and the journey it needs to take. All products are delivered with the required (export) documentation In addition, we follow all required safety procedures for the packaging and transportation of our products.

Nedal customer journey step 8